8 Easy Ways To Detox Your Life

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Unless you live in some kind of ventilated plastic-free bubble, it is pretty much impossible to avoid harmful chemicals. This may seem like a sad thought, but instead of feeling sad we should try and eliminate as many artificial substances from our lives as possible. You can go to long lengths and spend a fortune in trying to so but you can also make an impact cheaply and effectively by focusing on things you use frequently. Here are 8 easy ways to reduce your toxin burden that you can start today.

1. Clean up your air. 

Indoor air can be 10 times a polluted as the outdoor stuff. So open up your windows often and, even better, brighten up your home with house plants (some are better than others, check out which are best here).

2. Shower naturally

In hot steamy conditions a la your shower all the chemicals lurking in your body wash, shampoo and even shower curtain evaporate and then end up in your lungs. Buy natural, organic body care products and switch from a vinyl shower curtain to one made with natural fibbers.

3. Change your scent

It’s not just at shower time that you ingest harmful chemical cocktails, perfumes, aftershaves, toothpaste, air fresheners, hand wash, laundry detergent, dish soap all contain (usually secret) lists of nasties that you definitely don’t want inside you. Again try to switch to natural versions. Try out essential oils, you can get creative and blend your own signature scent and save money by making your own cleaning products.

4. Break up with plastic

Plastic is undoubtedly convenient but also leaches all sorts of hormone-like chemicals even those sans BPA. The best things you can do are stop buying bottled water and try to replace tupperware etc.. with glass. If you can’t go on a glass container shopping spree right now, avoid putting plastic in contact with acidic food and never microwave it.

3. Ditch cans

Like plastic, cans contain potentially toxic chemicals (and the food inside them usually isn’t that great for you). If you can’t face going can-less avoid really acidic food like tomatoes.

5. Antibacterial products do more harm than good.

Just go back to good old-fashioned natural soap and warm water to avoid all the harsh chemicals like triclosan, which has been linked to liver toxicity and ends up in water sources.

6. Leave your shoes outside

Think about all the toxic crud your shoes pick up outside? Do you want that in your home and your bare feet? Maybe we should follow the Japanese by having different slippers for different parts of the house. Makes sense when you think about it, I sure don’t want to be spreading floor dirt from my bathroom to my kitchen.

7. Eat natural

Another obvious one, but a reminder to be wary of what you put in your mouth. Most things in a packet are loaded with artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colours and who knows what else, avoid at all costs. Watch out for non-food items such as vitamins that also contain these. Load up on fresh, raw fruit and veggies instead, which will help you detoxify as well as give you a vitamin and mineral boost. 

8. Avoid Non-stick

Opt for cast iron or stainless steel cookware. If the thought of ditching Teflon is too painful to bear, make sure you dispose of it (you can recycle) as soon as it shows signs of deterioration – you definitely don’t want to be eating it.

In a nutshell going back to basics and shunning modern day ‘convenience’ is the best way to reduce your toxic load. Do you have any more suggestions for easy effective ways to detox your life?

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