Whole Foods Parking Lot

Greenster - Whole Foods Parking Lot

Hilarious Whole Foods Market parody by Dave Whittman and Fog and Smog from L.A. The rap video references the Master Cleanse, Kombucha, kale salad, quinoa, Toyota Prius and other green culture phenomenons.

I came up with (the idea) out of my everyday life – going to Whole Foods, picking up these items and take them home to my fiancée,” says Wittman. “There’s always drama with the parking lot though…and I was finding myself always squaring off with some dude for a space and I thought, ‘What am I doing here? This is ridiculous that I’m so bent out of shape in this nice comfy little epicenter of Los Angeles.’

Other good stuff from Fog and Smog…

DJDave, U not BERKELEY Enough… Feat. LaeCharles by djdavewittman

Credit: Fog and Smog, WSJ Speakeasy

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