7 Tips for Winter Juicing (And a Key Lime Green Juice Recipe!)

winter juicing

The term “cold weather” is subjective and has different meanings for different people. As someone who left her home in the North East at age 18 for the palm trees, blue skies and balmy temperatures of the University of Miami (GO ‘CANES!) in Florida, cold to me denotes any temperature under the 75 to 80 degree Fahrenheit marks. Without a shadow of a doubt, I’m a hot weather baby, and, like a moth to a flame, I’m drawn to the heat and humidity of the tropics where palm trees line the sky and coconuts, the fruits of their labor, line the streets.

Yet, somehow I found myself heading back to the North East for graduate school several years ago, and have remained here since, though my sights are set on returning to the environment and climate that feels most like home to me: Miami, FL.

I recently embarked on a seven day juice feast where I consumed nothing but fresh and homemade fruit and vegetable juices for deep cellular detoxification. And, of course, this juice feast coincided with a week of icy temperatures in the 10-20 degree Fahrenheit range. The air was frigid and my insides were even colder as I struggled to remain warm during my winter juicing journey.

Below are some tried and true firsthand tips that I used during my juice feast and will continue to use as I juice throughout the colder days. I’ve also added the recipe for my Key Lime Green Juice that will make you feel like you are soaking up some sensational sun in the Florida Keys.

Consume hot beverages. When my holistic doctor suggested that I make drinking hot herbal teas a habit, I truly didn’t believe it could help my cold cause. Boy, was I wrong! Drinking hot herbal teas and hot water with lemon not only aid in hydration and detoxification, but they warm you from the inside out. I found this tip to be the most helpful during my juice feast.

Plug in. If you own a space heater, heating pad, electric blanket or other heating device, plug in and heat up! There are many options out there from hand and feet warmers to slippers you can warm up before you wear them.

Do yoga (or other exercise). Based on your individual situation, practice whatever exercise you can manage to get your blood flowing, especially to your extremities, which can feel freezing during the frigid winter months. The benefits of yoga and other exercise go beyond warming the body, so get moving!

winter juicingStay Inside: When the temperatures dipped way below freezing, I swapped evening social plans with staying home and reading a good book or my favorite blogs and catching up on some of my beloved reality television (Yes, I watch the Real Housewives of Miami.). If it wasn’t necessary to leave the house, I stayed insulated inside my heated home.

Don’t be afraid to layer. While layering isn’t exactly my favorite way to dress based upon that fact that I love the wardrobe that accompanies the heat and humidity (brightly colored, flowy tank tops and short jean shorts), it is a necessity in the winter, especially during a juice feast. I’m no stranger to wearing three shirts and running spandex under my pants. Don’t forget your hat, scarf and gloves along with a warm winter jacket when you leave the house.

Cuddle with your loved ones. Use body heat from a partner, friend, child or furry baby and spend some extra time cuddling with your favorite people and pets under a cozy blanket to warm yourself up while winter juicing.

Consume your juices at room temperature. If possible, leave your produce out for a period of time before you juice so that you aren’t consuming chilly fruits and vegetables. If you have to make your juices ahead of time and refrigerate them, drink hot tea afterward to mitigate the effects of drinking a cold juice and warm yourself up from the inside out.  

Note: Ginger and cayenne pepper are wonderful to add to juices for their warming properties, but I did not find them as helpful as drinking hot herbal teas and hot water with lemon.

And, as promised, here’s a juice that will transport you away from the cold outside and out to a sunny paradise:

 Key Lime Green Juice

(Yields approximately 24 ounces of juice)

1 medium green apple
1 large cucumber
1 large broccoli stem
3 collard green leaves and stems
3 kale leaves and stems
Juice of two limes

Juice and Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Ginny, T

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