Freshen up with Clean+Green!

cleangreen.jpgSeaYu’s Clean+ Green knocks out tough pet odors. I have a dog and a cat that love to run around the house and roll on all my furniture and nap on the rugs. As much as I love my pets, they don’t seem to have the same level of cleanliness as me. I have thought about buying fabric re-freshers, but wondered if the chemicals were safe for my furry friends and me.

I now use SeaYu’s Clean+Green Furniture Refresher on all my furniture and rugs.  It’s designed to eliminate pet odors, and it is all natural, made with botanical extracts and has a very light breezy scent that you can barely smell.  It’s quite amazing – it eliminates the odors from the furniture, but doesn’t leave behind any sort of smell.

I was considering buying Murphy a new dog bed because a friend of mine walked past his bed and let me know that it needed a good wash.  Yikes!  I was quite embarrassed, so I decided to hold off on buying an expensive dog bed that he would stink up again in a month’s time.  I went the Clean+Green route instead.  I sprayed his bed completely with the Clean+Green Furniture Refresher. I sprayed it 3 times just to be on the safe side.  I then asked that friend to walk by his bed again and she couldn’t smell the dog smell!  I was very pleased!  Spending eight dollars on a can of SeaYu Clean+Green will be much easier than buying new dog beds every few months.

Look for SeaYu’s All natural pet products at Petsmart and on their website http://www.sea-yu.com/

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