Greening the White House

Green Goes With EverythingMy dear friend Sloan Barnett, who wrote “Green Goes With Everything,” a New York Times Bestseller, is greening the White House!  No joke!   If anyone can green the white house, it’s Sloan.   Check out her latest efforts on the Huffington Post.   She wrote the Obama family a letter and is now calling for ideas on how to green the white house from her fans, like us.  So go ahead and send her your ideas by leaving a comment on her post.

If you had not picked up a copy of her book yet, it’s a must read.  All of the proceeds go to charity.  It’s an easy read for those who haven’t plunged into the green life yet, and it hits home for those who have embraced nature but don’t like to be called a “treehugger.”  Essentially the book shows that there is a little bit of green in all of us.  

Once you get through it, check out the acknowledgment, you might recognize a certain someone in there getting a shout out.  Yep, me!  I had the pleasure of working with Sloan on her book, and she is truly fabulous. Stay up to date on Sloan at www.greengoeswitheverything.com

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