Secrets To Healthy Hair

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Disney gave me unrealistic expectations of hair. If you feel cheated too, try out these tips. They’ll give you luscious locks but not quite Cinderella or Prince Charming standard I’m afraid.

Here are some alternative styles to show off your tresses.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Sounds strange but this magical substance can do more than enhance your salad dressing. Simply mix 1 part vinegar with 3 parts distilled water, pour over your hair and massage into your scalp, then rinse with cool water. Do it once a week to get shiny, detangled, dandruff-free, healthy hair. You can also add essential oils or herbs such as lavender, camomile or rosemary to give your hair a nice whiff.

Avocado mask

Mash up a ripe avocado, massage into hair, leave for 20 minutes to boost moisture then rinse out thoroughly. It also works wonders on the skin, try our Avocado, Cacao and Honey Face Mask. Eating these green wonders will give you a Vitamin  B5 boost, which is believed to delay greying of the hair.

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Coconut Oil

In my world coconut oil is the cure-all wonder. If you have very dry hair warm some up (just warm don’t go burning yourself) and massage in. Blow dry your hair for five minutes or so and then leave for 3o minutes. Make sure you rinse your hair twice to get it all out.

As always beauty starts from the inside. Your hair is really quite unnecessary to your functioning so nutrients go there last. These means you have to be very well nourished to get a silky mane. So a nutrient-dense diet is key including lots of the following.

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Eat different varieties and lots of them. Brazil nuts contain selenium, vital for scalp health. Walnuts condition hair with their alpha-linolenic acid. Cashews and almonds contain zinc, which prevents hair loss

Green Leafy Veg

Dark green veggies especially kaleprovide iron and calcium, as well as Vitamin A and C. These goodies assist in the production of sebum needed to condition the hair.


The Comb Over

Their high Vitamin A content keeps your scalp healthy.


Take 1tsp of the oil twice a day to get your Omega-3 Fatty Acids and sumptuous silky, shiny hair.


The most important of them all, make sure you get at least 2L of water everyday. Your hair will never be hydrated without some hydration!

Do you have any more suggestions? We’d love to hear them.

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