Why Vegan? Bill Clinton Is Not Alone

Greenster - Vegan Bill Clinton Not Alone

Since reporting a few days ago about Bill Clinton’s recent experience with vegan diet and his subsequent reversal of heart disease symptoms, weight loss and overall improving health, last Thursday he serendipitously talked publicly again about his vegan diet, possibly in anticipation of CNN’s The Last Heart Attack, a documentary that features his story. The documentary was scheduled to air yesterday but has since been rescheduled for Sunday August 28, 8:00 PM EST on CNN.

Bill Clinton is only one of a few high-profile celebrities that has gone vegan recently. He joins Steve Wynn, Oprah Winfrey and Mike Tyson to the list of unlikely people that made headlines this year by adopting the diet. Steve Wynn, the Vegas Casino Mogul, not only went vegan but also mandated that every one of the 22 restaurants at his Vegas properties provide several vegan choices – executing the most significant embrace by the mainstream of the no-meat, no-animal-byproducts eating style. This past February, Oprah and her 378 fellow employees at Harpo did a one-week challenge of going completely vegan and together lost 444 pounds. And Mike Tyson sat down with fellow vegan Ellen DeGeneres to talk about how he lost nearly 100 lbs. and regained his sanity by going vegan.

The thing about people like Clinton and Wynn in particular, is that they achieve what other celebrities can’t; they make the healthy diet look realistic. Even though prevention of diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis as well as overall vitality are a good enough reason to go vegan, it is also one of the best things we can do to lighten our footprint. Watch videos of Mike Tyson, Steve Winn (and Wynn Resorts) and Oprah talking about the vegan diet below.

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